Return to Sender? What I asked for vs. What I got.

In the midst of being a full blown millennial, I often have these “old school tendencies” when it comes to technology. I still get a bit weary about online shopping, or putting all my credit card info on my phone, or just ordering something I can’t physically touch in general. Honestly, rightfully so. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t have the best of luck when it comes to this type of thing, package goes missing, or the product is something I could have made myself, just disastrous experiences in general,but despite all of my failed attempts there is just way to much good online shopping to keep me down. I decided to order online because I wanted my outfit to be a bit more “exclusive”, I mean I couldn’t show up to my own party in something someone else could potentially be wearing, so being the OCD person that I am, I ordered a couple different options, two of which I really had my eyes on. I ordered one from a popular online boutique based out of the UK House of CB, and the other piece I ordered from Donnee Par Dieu which is based in California. I was semi leaning to the second option because the jumpsuit from House of CB had a lot of cleavage, and my dad was going to be at this event (we all know how that goes) but ONE of these options had to work. Anyways, both offered 2 day shipping and I was pumped being it was the week of my event. Both pieces came in on time, and with a good tracking system (that I refreshed every ten seconds but thats besides the point).

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 4.31.10 PMScreen Shot 2019-04-16 at 4.30.49 PM

Before I go into detail, I want to inform you that I paid almost the same exact price for both pieces. The packaging was IMPECCABLE from House of CB, pink box, with a thanks you note, care instructions and most importantly (which leads me to writing this blog in the first place) the return instructions. Pretty clear, concise, and surprisingly simple for a company based in another country. Done Par Dieu came in a standard online shipping package, with a printed copy of my receipt, which wouldn’t be an issue if the product was what I was expecting. So I will take some responsibility to the extent that, I didn’t read what kind of material the product was, but it was featured as a “best seller” and I was in time crunch, so I just ordered. Welp, learn from my mistakes. It was made from some type of styrofoam material that made me look like a “Jetsons” character. The second I pulled it from the package I knew I was going to have to return it. THANK GOD I found a bandeau top that gave me just the right amount of cleavage to be around dad, because the House of CB outfit fit like a glove.


With my outfit already picked out I had to look into the return policy for Donne par Dieu, which LITERALLY almost made me consider wearing the outfit because the House of CB was easier to return. How is it easier to return something out of the country than right here in my own backyard? Let me spare you and give you a “brief” description on the hoops of fire I would have to jump through in order to get my money back.

Step 1. Go through pay pal, send the company $5 for a return label.
Step 2. Email them letting them know you paid for the label, they will then send you a link to print the label.                                                                                                                     Step 3. Print label, and buy insurance on the package because they can’t insure they will get it. (uhhh?)
Step 4. Email them saying you sent the package because they state that it might get mixed up with other merchandise. (again, what?)
Step 5. Make sure they get this within 14 days, and they are not responsible if they don’t receive your package.
Step 6. Check back in 14 business days to see if the money has finally be returned to your account.

So basically I can attempt to return my item but if it gets mixed up, or they decide they never got it, then not only am I out the money, but also the shipping and tracking costs. Im a gambling woman, but this seemed like SUCH a hassle. Needless to say I kept both items, and chalked it up to an expensive learning experience. I say all of that to say, make sure you read the fine print when ordering online and learn from my mistakes!! And if you are an online boutique please take this into consideration when creating your return system. -Sincerely me and all my fellow hesitant millennial shoppers!


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