Homewood Dallas’s Most Anticipated Resturaunt in 2019!

To be honest with you I didn’t know who Matt McCallister was until one of my girlfriends insisted we have to try his new restaurant. I had driven by a couple times and really wanted to go, but every time I tried to make plans to go it was either a Monday,(they’re closed btw) or they were to booked. We lucked out on a random Tuesday and decided to dine outside. White linen umbrellas, large wooden booths, and the permitter lined with fresh produce to be used in select dishes. We were promptly greeted by our server, who automatically brought us water and spoke to us about some of the featured cocktails, and explained the Homewood concept to us a bit. “Elevated food, with a casual dining experience”. Our server Garrett explained the menu was seasonal, and suggested dishes he knew were going to change soon that he thoroughly enjoyed.


We ordered tapas style that way we could taste a little bit of everything, starting with the California Halibut Hojo Santa in a jalapeño and strawberry vinegar, the squash flower stuffed with ricotta and a pecan crumble, both dishes were packed with flavor. Then we moved on to one of the pasta dishes, the ricotta gnocchi with lemon boy tomatoes, lime basil and hot sauce cured coppa, we also had the winter farm greens with “tons of garlic”. As if we didn’t eat enough already, we couldn’t make our minds up over the desserts so we ordered two, the blueberry bread pudding and the butterscotch peaches with basil ice cream and both were to DIE FOR.


Between Garrett with the amazing service and passion for the menu, and the actual food and drinks themselves we are so happy we actually made it to Homewood, and will most definitely be back to try the new seasonal menu.

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