Quarantine, but make it Fashion! This is for the nervous eaters, work at homers, Netflix bingers, obsessive news watchers, new hobbyists, etc etc etc.

Week three of Quarantine is in full effect, and having a “stay at home order” was NOT on my vision board for the year. Needless to say, it is a very real and very serious situation the entire world is having to face.

The first week was really about trying to wrap my mind around the situation, the second week I started to get myself into more of a routine, and now we are in the third week, and things are really starting to settle in. I realize how important a routine can be during times like these. Waking up, making your bed, brushing your hair are all contributing factors of this routine.

Although we may be limited to staying inside the house, it is still very important to feel good in what you are wearing while lounging. Staying in the same oversized grey sweatshirt for 5 days in a row, is NOT apart of your everyday routine and shouldn’t be during these times either.

At Home Workouts (Yes, Tic Tockers Count Too)

Flex two-piece (Fabletics) $59
Gratitude 2-Piece Outfit (Fabletics) $59

Netflix Bingers



“Work” From Home



FaceTime Fiestas

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