The Beauty in Simplicity

In a time like this, I have found myself in a constant state of inward reflection. I have stripped myself down to the core. A comparison that has constantly come to my mind is that of an acoustic song. Acoustic songs may not have the extra sounds and instruments, but there is beauty in just a single instrument and focusing on the lyrics.

I have reminded myself to appreciate the simple things. From waiting in line on Sundays at my favorite coffee shop, catching up with friends over drinks, going to an exercise class after a stressful day at work, these are things I want to remind myself not to take for granted going forward. Simplicity is timeless, and yet sometimes it is sparse with all the outside distractions in today’s world.

Let’s revive simplicity. Some clothing pieces and colors are timeless and will never go out of style and can be a staple in anybody wardrobe. Oftentimes, they are simplistic. I know when all this is over, I will be making more of a conscious effort to appreciate being in the moment, and the small, simple things, because after all, simplicity is beauty.

THEE Little Black Dress





Basic T



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